Refund And Cancellation Policy

Revision date: 5 August 2013


As a trustworthy business of digital products, SoftTastic relies on this Return and Cancellation Policy under certain cases to ensure customer satisfaction with every purchase. When a customer contacts us, we review the application and if the request is in accordance to our return policy, in which case a cancellation or a return may be processed.


1) SoftTastic's refund policy if Google Play / Apple's App Store rejects the app

Our development team will remain in contact with our clients and guides them in case they ask for any requirement that violates or could violate Google Play Store or Apple's App Store policies. Our well experienced developers will warn you in case you stress on putting a feature that could violate any app submission policies and could result in rejection. In that case, if the client is responsible for keeping a feature in the app that resulted in rejection, no refund will be given to the client. If the feature that resulted in rejection was added by our developers, we will make necessary changes in order for it to comply with the app stores guidelines. If in any rare case, there is nothing that can be done and the feature that resulted in rejection was added by us, we may refund the money back to the client.


2) Subscriptions and recurring charges

As of now, we do not offer any service that includes subscriptions and recurring charges. We may update the section with the inclusion of any service that does require subscriptions and recurring charges.


3) Other reasons for cancellation

SoftTastic reserves the right to cancel a transaction in order to comply with credit card industry regulations, payment processor and banking rules, or the need to comply with legal requirements, intellectual property rights, court orders and law enforcement agencies.

Refunds may also take place as a result of a processing error, technical problem, chargeback, threat of chargeback or any fraudulent transaction or situation which SoftTastic reasonably considers to be potentially fraudulent, unlawful, or in breach of SoftTastic's prohibited items & DMCA policy or privacy policy.


4) Agreement to these terms

Purchasing any service using SoftTastic requires your agreement to our Refund Policy. This policy may be updated from time to time, so you should check back regularly. On Facebook

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