Google Glass And Wearable Computers

Google Glass App Development

Like every great startup, we are open to new possibilities and keep our eyes open for the latest technologies and upcoming platforms.


While Smart phones and tablet market is on the rise and continue to flourish, the technology world has already started to talk about wearable computers.


Google Glass was made available to a limited number of developers by the time of writing this post. Although it won't be available to the public until next year according to the latest reports. Peeble Watch also looks very naive. Samsung is also reportedly working on their version of a smart watch. Apple's much anticipated and rumored iWatch is still to be announced but wearable computers are likely to become the next big thing although they are in quite early stages.


With these technologies in our mind, we will see how many audience these upcoming gadgets can attract. It is highly likely that we will offer our services for these products in the future. On Facebook

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