Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What Kind Of Mobile Apps We Create?

Currently we are offering iOS apps for WordPress blogs. More services are including apps for Google Glass are on the way and will be updated on our homepage.


Q) Do we help our clients through app submission process?

Yes, our services are not limited to the design and development of the app. We submit the app to the App Store for our client.


Q) What Platforms Do We Create Mobile Apps For?

Currently we offer services for iOS compatible devices that includes iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Other than that, we would soon be offering the same apps for Android devices.


Q) What About Other Platforms Like Windows Phone And BlackBerry?

We have not started offering our services for Windows Phone. We might work on Microsoft's mobile platform in the future. Other than that, we have no plans for working on BlackBerry devices.


Q) How Much Time We Take To Develop Apps?

It totally depends on the requirements of our clients and the kind of app we are creating. WordPress to iOS Apps will be submitted within two weeks. The time does not include app stores submission process.


Q) Do we offer the complete source code of the app?

Certain types of apps including WordPess to iOS apps does not come with the complete source code. However, you can have the binary that we will submit to the app stores. We will manage your app and all future updates are for free.


Q) How to go through the payment procedure?

We are using PayPal as our Internet account merchant provider as they are the most trusted one out there. You can use it to pay us using PayPal or your credit/debit card. If the user wants to pay through some other means, you can contact us and we will look into your query. On Facebook

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