We have a fantastic team of developers with years of experience to create highly optimized iOS and Android apps. Most of the times, instead of using custom controls available as open source, our developer team likes to do it from scratch.


Even then no body likes to re-invent the wheel as we have to focus on the primary objectives. That is why in some cases we use third party libraries available on GITHub etc.


For example, to handle asynchronous downloading and processing of images from a web sevice, SDWebImage library is available. Although this can be done without using any third party library but SDWebImage is equipped with many other small functionalities so we just integrate it in some of our projects.


We give full credit to these developers by mentioning their names or the link to these libraries in the credit section of our apps.


If you are an iOS or Android developer and want us to use your custom control or library that is indeed useful, you can let us know and we will be more than happy to look into it.


You can also submit how to guides on how to use your library and after reviewing, we will submit it to out blog section for newbies to take advantage of it. Contact us now! 
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