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Perfect Reading Experience With Controls For Your Blog Readers

More Features

- Push Notifications System

- Indication For Already Read Items

- Blog Pages Integrated Inside The App

- Splash Screen with your logo

- Alerts for no Internet connection and others

- Pull Up To Load More Articles On Homepage

- Intuitive Design

- App Store Submission Process

- Developed By Highly Experienced Developers

- Free Performance And Software Updates




Is there any monthly fee?

The prices mentioned above are a one time fee and there is no monthly subscription.

In case you want the push notification system to be configured on our servers, we will charge you an extra $10 per month but usually we do not want our clients to be independent on us.



Do we help during the App submission process?

App submission to Apple's App Store is part of the responsibility that we take and the clients don't need to worry about that. We will follow along and guide you if there is any actions to be taken from your side.


Do you need to buy paid Apple Developer Program in order to submit your App to App Store?

Apple takes $99 in order for a paid developer program that is necessary in order to submit the app to the App Store. If you want your company name to appear along with your App, in which case you have to purchase the program. If you want to save this money, you can allow us to submit your app from our accounts.




What about future app updates?

All the future updates of your app are absolutely for free for life time. We will make sure your app stays up to date with Apple's latest software versions. Other than that new features will also be updated once we roll out them to all our clients.

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